Six Little Red Caps: Prologue

19 Jul

I am something of an amateur folklorist: I adore fairy tales, myths, and old wives’ tales, from Greek mythology to Slavic legends to Mayan syncretism.  When I first began playing the horror video game (more like interactive art experience) The Path two years ago, I was entranced by the way Tale of Tales had re-spun the classic legend of Little Red Riding Hood.  For those of you who haven’t played: there is one rule alone, and that rule is to stay on the path.  But this game can only be ‘won’ by stepping off the path and encountering the wonders – and horrors – of the forest.

To that end, I wrote a series of poems about the six sisters of The Path: Scarlet, Carmen, Ruby, Ginger, Rose, and Robin.  Each sister has her own canto, and there are also cantos for the prologue and the epilogue.  Each post in this series will feature a canto from Six Little Red Caps, inspired by the sinister beauty of The Path.



seventy years gone, fled

out the gates of a fence

drunken and jumbled, whitewashed teeth poking out

of the ground.


Grandmother takes a gilt-edged mirror

and presses the cool of the glass against

her skin.


the TV spits static like a colicky baby,

screen fuzzed.


the door of the basement rasps



the wolves draw closer.


(For those of you who have played The Path, you know that the game is completely open to interpretation.  I know I have my own personal views about the significance of each sister and her ending sequence.  I’d love to know yours, so comment below!  If you haven’t played, do check it out.)

Written with the permission of Auriea Harvey.  Other poems in the series include:

Six Little Red Caps: Scarlet

Six Little Red Caps: Carmen

Six Little Red Caps: Ruby

Six Little Red Caps: Ginger

Six Little Red Caps: Rose

Six Little Red Caps: Robin


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