Six Little Red Caps: Carmen

23 Jul

black hair razored

short and sexy –

jeans fitted so tight they

caress my legs, lovers with

lips of distressed cotton –

mouth carefully coated crimson,

a reflection of my mood,

a warning sign,

the corners turned up just so –

a provocative come-hither glance

that I have perfected after staring

for hours in the mirror –


the consummate femme fatale,

i’d like to think, but what do I know


(i’ll give you a hint:

it’s more than my mother

thinks I know)


sometimes on the way to grandmother’s house

I put down the stupid basket

slip off my spike-heeled boots

then my shirt

I shuck off those jeans that hug me

like a tantalizing dream of fingers

twined in my hair, lips on my lips,

and dance as if the stars

are falling into my hands

and hope to god or whatever

nobody sees me

even if they did, I don’t think

i’d mind so much.


and lately when i’m alone

in the forest at night

i’ve been getting this feeling:

the kind that sends tremors

of red pleasure

racing through my veins

the kind that means

i’m being watched

by someone.


so i lift my face to the bruised-purple

stain of sky and let it

wind itself around me until i am nothing

but a shadow under the mad moon,


a mirror reflecting midnight.


Written with the permission of Auriea Harvey.  Other poems in the series include:

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‘The Path’ is an incredibly complex game with a lot of different interpretations.  If you have views regarding the meaning of any of these characters, especially Carmen, I’d love to hear your comments!


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