Six Little Red Caps: Ginger

28 Jul

you’ll never see me in a white lace sundress

crossing my legs like a lady

with my hair neatly brushed a hundred strokes

the way my sisters do.


timid, they let the voracious forest swallow them whole.

docile, they do not know that it is

a beast to be tamed,

that it will give up its secrets only to those

with dirt-blacked feet

and feathers in their hair,

their lips wet with falcon songs.


join forces with the brazen wind

on legs made of cobwebs and old leaves.

outrun the forest

to become its captor –


this is the secret I have forced

from defiant trees.


I am a being of the earth

and sky: my heart a ball

of soil, my blood nothing but wind

whistling through empty veins.


yet –


yesterday I found a stain

between my legs, red like the chipped

and fading paint on our apartment walls.

blood where blood shouldn’t be.


you’re a woman now,” said ruby smirking.

she grinned her black-lipped cheshire grin.

you know what that means.”


yeah. I know what that means.


Written with the permission of Auriea Harvey.  Other poems in the series include:

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‘The Path’ is an incredibly complex game with a lot of different interpretations.  If you have views regarding the meaning of any of these characters, especially Ginger, I’d love to hear your comments!


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