Six Little Red Caps: Robin

10 Aug

gramma gave me a coat today!


It was red, and soft like momma’s hands in the summertime

and a little small for me

(the doctor says i’m having a growth spurt)

but scarlet said i shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth

so I smiled and smiled and said

thank you Gramma this is real Pretty.


It’s to protect you from Wolves she said.

Don’t you believe me Robin?

I said yes Gramma i believe you.

but I didn’t.

i am Seven Years Old and

the forest doesn’t scare me anymore.


sometimes weird things do happen in the forest, though.

like this one time.

I found a baby Bird under a tree

with its wings squished up kind of not-normal

and it made my heart feel like it was full of sand, so

I took it home.

even though it smelled funny.

you dumb shit this bird is dead, said ruby,

which made Rose cry.


i didn’t cry though.

I just Stared and stared at that little dead bird

and finally i asked Ruby what death really meant.

it means they put you in the ground

cover you up with a coffin lid and mud and flowers

so you can’t get out. it means you’re nothing

forever and ever the end.


that’s what she told me

and then I did cry.


dear Lord, please don’t make me lie in the ground

forever and ever Amen.


Note: This one is a little different from all the others, simply because I was trying to write a poem the way a seven-year-old might.  Thus the change in tone and voice.  Whether I succeeded…eh, who knows?

Written with the permission of Auriea Harvey.  Other poems in the series include:

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‘The Path’ is an incredibly complex game with a lot of different interpretations.  If you have views regarding the meaning of any of these characters, especially Robin, I’d love to hear your comments!


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